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Michael Walker (Canada) - Английский язык и уроки вокала в Москве

VOCAL POWER - Free Your Voice!

The voice is the KEY to effective communication.
Learn to use your voice with maximum confidence in both speaking and singing.

My vocal coaching program is perfect for anyone who can already speak a little English.
(If you can read this, your English is good enough...)

Learn the secrets of vocal production - and musicianship - from an American musician with 30 years professional experience.
And at the same time: IMPROVE your conversational English skills and become a smooth and natural English speaker.

A one hour session at my teaching studio (near Metro Chertanovskaya) costs  1500 Rubles.
Each session is recorded - bring a USB flash drive and take your session recording home for further study.

Book an appointment online at http://ROCKANDROLL.RU
Email   Michael Walker at
Telephone  8 903 512-1992
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